Ramesh Vinayakam


Ramesh Vinayakam is a multifaceted musician – Music Director, Composer, Conductor, Singer, Lyricist, Arranger, Researcher and Music Teacher.

He is known for his unique composing abilities with soulful melody, foot tapping rhythm in a special sound and style of his own and has carved a niche for himself. His work includes almost all kinds of music viz., Contemporary, Modern, Classical, Folk, Film, Fusion, Television and Theatre – and always brings a novelty that crosses all music horizons.

He scored music for a Hollywood movie ‘A Common Man’ starring Sir Ben Kingsley.

His music for biopic ‘Ramanujan’ – a bilingual (Tamil & English) period film on India’s greatest mathematical genius – both songs and background score – has received rave reviews and is one of the high points of the film. The compositions were a mix of both Indian and Western music styles of the period taking the music lovers to a higher plane.

He is the inventor of the ‘First ever comprehensive system of Notation for Indian Classical Music’, “GAMAKA BOX”.

He has distinguished himself as a versatile singer not only singing for his own compositions but also for many other Music Directors and has sung in various languages includes, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Kannadam.