Milliblog Annual Music round-up 2014

Top 3 soundtracks
01. Ramanujan (Ramesh Vinayagam)

op 10 Tamil songs of 2014
01. Thulithuliyaai – Ramanujan (Ramesh Vinayagam)


The ‘R’ Factor

– Ramesh’s ease with the Indian and Western music forms was evident throughout ‘Ramanujan.’


 ‘Serenades’ innovates

– Ramesh Vinayakam, the well-informed and experienced musician and anchor, made his observations before each song, and explained its meaning and mood in brief.


Ramanujan (Music review), Tamil – Ramesh Vinayagam

– Ramesh’s nifty touches like the non-stop extended verses in anupallavi add tremendous value.



A review from “The Hindu” wrote that the success of re-recording lies in utilizing the power of silence, which can at times enhance the significance of certain scenes. Composer Ramesh Vinayakam has understood it only too well. His music wafts through the scenes when necessary, reaches a crescendo when warranted and most importantly knows when to keep mum.

Three of the four songs in the film make a tremendous impact — Kamal’s English (where the actor’s diction needs special mention) and Tamil numbers, Sharad’s “Pei Muzhi” refrain and the melodious duet from Chinmayi and Ramesh Vinayakam, “Enna Idhu … ” The euphonious use of violins, the veena (in the country western type Kamal number) and the flute make the music as inspiring as the M. S. Viswanathan songs of yore.